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Can I Have A Minute? 
Solo Exhibit at BAU Gallery
Beacon, New York 
July 2022

Exhibition Statement

        Can I Have a Minute? (2022) is a mixed media exhibit that explores the way parenthood affects art making and vice versa. My work explores how we devote and balance the time we are given, and how parenthood can warp and contextualize one's perception of time. 


Autobiographical in nature, the work is a visual expression of my experience of having two children within the last three years under a pandemic, all while creating art in the limited window of nap times. When there was no time to set up an easel, art making shifted to simpler set ups with low pressure materials. Rendered in vivid, neon color palettes and created using childlike materials, the pieces reflect the maximalist, at times chaotic, all-consuming highs and lows of parenthood. 

The series prompts the viewer to ask themselves: How does raising a child affect and inspire our work? What constitutes a meaningful use of our personal time, when another person needs you all of the time? How do we process and record the fleeting time we have?

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