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Solo Exhibit
Super Secret Projects 
July 2023

Exhibition Statement

       Interior (2023) examines traveling inward to find inspiration.  Consisting of various self portraits, these paintings explore the profound connection between the intellectual pursuit of knowledge and the sanctuary of personal space.

           I gave birth to two children within two years during a pandemic, which resulted in a lot of time at home with my young children. Despite my quiet external life, internally I felt  awakened and inspired. I wondered frequently about all of the mothers before me who felt alive with creative ideas and inspiration, while remaining confined to their home. 

         All of these paintings were created from photos of myself and my family in my home during this time. I spent a lot of time thinking about the boundaries we construct to protect what is sacred to us. What do we keep out? What do we let in? What do we choose to share?

              These paintings serve as a visual metaphor for my interior life- my daydreams, my observations, my boundaries, my cycling thoughts.  My tribute to the countless artist mothers of the past who fought to nourish their intellect and prioritize their creative ambitions, who found inspiration in all of the quiet moments, and who never let their visibility define their importance. 

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