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Solo Exhibit
Super Secret Projects 
July 2023

Exhibition Statement

Interior (2023) examines travelling inward to find inspiration.  Consisting of various self portraits, these paintings explore the profound connection between the intellectual pursuit of knowledge and the sanctuary of personal space. 


As a woman relatively confined to my domestic space as a caregiver for the past few years, I’ve spent a lot of time imagining those who have come before me- particularly women who have an urge to create art. The urge is not eclipsed by the relentless responsibilities. Instead, my imagination has shifted to fill and expand the space I inhibit.


What do we decide to share with the outside world? What do we keep just for ourselves, and why? I spent a lot of time reading and looking at other art, and reflecting on the legacy that a creative life leaves behind. Ursula LeGuin, Edward Hopper, Jan Van Eyck, Vermeer, and Joop Polder were some of the artists I returned to again and again. 


All of the work here was created from photos of myself and my family  in my home. Many of the images were inspired by art I was reading about and looking at. These paintings serve as a visual metaphor for my interior life- my daydreams, my observations, my boundaries, my cycling thoughts. My tribute to the countless artist mothers of the past who never stopped creating and intellectually exploring. 

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